The Pittsburgh Diffraction Society 

The 75th Annual Pittsburgh Diffraction Conference

Registration for the 2017 Pittburgh Diffraction Conference, the preceeding GSAS workshop, as well as lodging (Hilton Garden Inn or Park Inn hotels), air port shuttle and banquet tickets are available through the IUP Conference Marketplace Website.

Registration for the GSAS workshop and for the airport shuttle are now closed.


Registration Fees:

(i) Conference Only:

Regular Registration:              $125    (includes breakfast, lunch and banquet*)
Student Registration:              $30       (includes breakfast, lunch, banquet*)

*for banquet to be included registration must be by September 15th, 2017 otherwise, an extra banquet ticket must be purchased.

ii) Workshop Only:

Regular Registration:              $100    (includes lunch)
Student Registration:              $60       (includes lunch)

iii) Combined Workshop and Conference:

Regular Registration:              $200    ($25 discount, meals included, see above)
Student Registration:              $70      ($20 discount, meals included, see above)

iv) Other Expenses:

Extra Banquet Tickets:            $35
Airport Transfer**:                 $75      (to and from Pittsburgh Airport)

** Must be purchased by September 17th.  Transfer from Airport to Conference on October 17 or 18 only). Transfer from Conference to Airport (October 21 only).

vi) Hotel Information:

Hilton Garden Inn                   $119 / night    (adjacent to Conference Center)
Park Inn                                   $109 / night    (3 miles from Conference Center)

The above hotels can be booked through the IUP conference marketplace site. Other hotels with lower rates (such as Days Inn) are available in the vicinity but do not have contracts with IUP.

Student Registrations:         
To be eligible for student rates, the individual must be a registered undergraduate or graduate student.
Link to the IUP Conference Marketplace Website