The Pittsburgh Diffraction Society 

We invite you to join us for 78th Pittsburgh Diffraction Conference, which will be held as a virtual event at SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory on September 19-21th, 2021.

Conference webpage  

The 78th Annual Pittsburgh Diffraction Conference is a three day event featuring lectures and poster presentations covering a wide range of subject matter of interest to researchers in chemistry, physics and structural biology. The goal of the conference is to bring together researchers in all areas of fundamental and applied diffraction and crystallographic research to present current topics. The program of the 2021 conference includes metals in biology, computational methods in structural science, cryoEM of biomolecules and cells, scientific opportunities for remote access to user facilities, neutron diffraction, and powder diffraction in materials science research. The conference is a satellite event of the 2021 SSRL/LCLS Users' Meeting and Workshops.

Student poster abstracts may be considered for an oral presentation and are eligible for the Chung Soo Yoo Award, which carries a $400 cash prize.