The Pittsburgh Diffraction Society 

The 75th Annual Pittsburgh Diffraction Conference

will be held at Indiana University of Pennsylvania on

October 19-21, 2017

Indiana, Pennsylvania


Welcome to Indiana, Pennsylvania, located just 55 miles northeast of Pittsburgh, our Society's ancestral home.

The conference will be held at the Kovalchick Convention Complex of Indiana University of Pennsylvania and the Hilton Garden Inn Hotel, both located directly on the IUP Campus.


Sessions planned for the 75th Anniversary Pittsburgh Diffraction Conference:

(1) Cora Lind-Kovacs (UT): "Monitoring changes in materials properties through diffraction methods"
Synopsis: TBA

(2) Cev. Noyan (Columbia University): "Powder diffraction from nanoparticles"
Synopsis: a thorough, rigorous discussion on the characterization of nanoparticles using powder diffraction."

(3) John Rose (University of Georgia): "The Applications of Emerging Methods in Structural Biology"
Synopsis: Structural knowledge of large macromolecular machines and their complexes is critical to fully understand biological processes. This session will present exciting results highlighting the capabilities of several emerging techniques in structural biology including serial X-ray diffraction, small angle scattering and electron microscopy.

(4) Aina Cohen (SSRL): "Symposium to honor Brian M. Craven, Crystallography Department at the University Pittsburgh"
Synopsis: This session will cover the history of the Department of Crystallography at the University of Pittsburgh, where Bryan Craven served as Chair as well as the storied history of the PDC which is now in its 75th year. The symposium will highlight the work Pitt and PDC alumni.

(5) Pavol Juhas (BNL): "Structural Analysis using Atomic Pair Distribution Function."
Synopsis: Advances in instrumentation, data analysis, and application of the PDF technique for different classes of materials.

(6) Winnie Wong-Ng (NIST): "Powder diffraction studies of Metal Organic Frameworks (MOFs)"
Synopsis: Topics of interest include in-situ and ex-situ diffraction techniques for characterization (guest capturing, guest selectivity, phase transformations, phase formation, structure/property relationships, and other applications).