The Pittsburgh Diffraction Society 


The following are the candidates for the 2021 PDS election. 

PDS 2021 Presidential Candidates:

Leighton Coates, Oak Ridge National Lab

PDS 2022 Presidential Candidates:

Silvia Russi, SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory

PDS Treasurer:

Matthias Zeller, Purdue University

PDS Secretary:

Allen Oliver, Notre Dame University

The PDS Board of Directors is elected by the PDS membership and the election results are determined by a plurality of votes as declared by the PDS secretary.

Ballots for the annual election are cast online. Instructions for voting online are communicated to the PDS membership via email by the PDS secretary. If you are a current member and you are not sure that the PDS has your email address, please send an email to the PDS secretary.