The Pittsburgh Diffraction Society 


GSAS-II Workshop
75th Pittsburgh Diffraction Conference
October 18, 2017

Prior to the PDS conference (October 19 - 21) a GSAS-II workshop will be run by Robert Von Dreele and Brian Toby, ANL, Wednesday, October 18th.  Both the GSAS-II workshop as well as the PDS conference will be held at the Kovalchick Convention Complex of the Indiana University of Pennsylvania and the Hilton Garden Inn Hotel both located directly on the campus of Indiana University of Pennsylvania.The registrattion deadline for the workshop is September 15, 2017.


GSAS-II (General Structure Analysis System):

GSAS-II is an open source Python software tool that addresses all types of crystallographic studies, from simple materials through macromolecules, using powder and single crystal diffraction and with x-ray, as well as neutron probes.  GSAS-II handles all the typical steps in diffraction analysis, such as data reduction, peak analysis, indexing, Pawley fits, small-angle scattering fits, structure solution in addition to structure refinement. It can be used with large collections of related datasets for repeated (sequential) refinements and for parametric fitting to these results.  GSAS-II is available for free for Windows, Mac and Linux computers at:

This is an excellent opportunity to learn how to use this powerful software directly from the program authors, Robert Von Dreele and Brian Toby, Advanced Photon Source, Argonne National Laboratory

A special discount is offered for participants of both workshop and conference.

To register for both the work shop as well as the PDS conference pleae use the IUP conference marketplace site.