The Pittsburgh Diffraction Society 

Sessions planned for the 75th Anniversary Pittsburgh Diffraction Conference:

Program and Abstract Book (pdf file)

(i) "Neutron powder diffraction studies of magnetic materials".
Session chair: Stuart Calder (SNS-ORNL)

Synopsis: The session will focus on strongly correlated electronic systems that show exotic magnetic phenomena. Areas covered include strong spin-orbit coupling, frustrated magnetism and low dimensionality.

(ii) "Powder diffraction from nanoparticles"
Session chair: Cev. Noyan (Columbia University)

Synopsis: A thorough, rigorous discussion on the characterization of nanoparticles using powder diffraction.

(iii) "Monitoring changes in materials properties through diffraction methods"
Session chairs: Cora Lind-Kovacs (University of Toledo)

Synopsis: TBA

(iv) "The Applications of Emerging Methods in Structural Biology"
Session chairs: John Rose (University of Georgia) and Aina Cohen (SSRL)

Synopsis: Structural knowledge of large macromolecular machines and their complexes is critical to fully understand biological processes. This session will present exciting results highlighting the capabilities of several emerging techniques in structural biology including serial X-ray diffraction, small angle scattering and electron microscopy.

(v) "Symposium in memory of Bryan M. Craven, Crystallography Department at the University Pittsburgh"
Session chairs: John Rose (University of Georgia) and Aina Cohen (SSRL)

Synopsis: This session will cover the history of the Department of Crystallography at the University of Pittsburgh, where Bryan Craven served as Chair as well as the storied history of the PDC which is now in its 75th year. The symposium will highlight Craven's work at Pitt and as a PDC alumni.

(vi) "Structural Analysis using Atomic Pair Distribution Function."
Session chair: Pavol Juhas (BNL)

Synopsis: Advances in instrumentation, data analysis, and application of the PDF technique for different classes of materials.

(vii) "Powder diffraction studies of Metal Organic Frameworks (MOFs)"
Session chair: Winnie Wong-Ng (NIST)

Synopsis: Topics of interest include in-situ and ex-situ diffraction techniques for characterization (guest capturing, guest selectivity, phase transformations, phase formation, structure/property relationships, and other applications). 


(ix) Poster Session:

A poster session will be held in conjunction with the conference. Students presenters will be eligible for the Chung Soo Yoo Award, $400. Please submit your abstract before September 15th, 2017, to (Poster maximum size 4'x4')


GSAS-II Workshop:
Prior to the conference a GSAS-II workshop will be run by Robert Von Dreele and Brian Toby, ANL, Wednesday, October 18th.  This is an excellent opportunity to learn how to use this powerful software directly from the program authors.  GSAS-II is a modern freeware software tool that can work with single crystal and powder diffraction.  It involves many state-of-the-art routines.  A special discount is offered for participants of both workshop and conference.


Program and Abstract Book